The First Tunnel of Guangzhou

(Chinese Pinyin: guangzhou di yi dadao)


The Top Clothes Underground wholesale centre of Asia!

Products: The first tunnel of guangzhou is split up in 7 different areas, one for each type of product: Women fashion, casual, business, korean fashion, men wear, children clothes and undergarments. A market you really worth the visit if you are looking for fashion resource!  Some part of the underground market like the underwear and accessories are newly opened, so need sometime to get more suppliers in.

Price and quality: Medium to high grade items, fairly low prices in comparison to the high grade items but you have to order large quantities.

Items in stock: Almost no shops here have items in stock.

Minimum order quantity (in stock): Roughly 5-10 pcs/style and color.

Minimum order quantity (production): 150-300 pcs/ style and color.

Locale: Very clean, modern and spacious.

Size: A business area of over 50 000 square meters, complete with banks, restaurants and catwalks for fashion shows.

Business hours: 08:00 – 22:00 but some shops may close earlier.

Location:  The whole underground of Zhanqian Rd., Part of Zhannan Rd., Yuexiu district,  The first tunnel of Guangzhou have several different gates along zhanqian and zhannan road. Just walk down the street from the Guangzhou railway station metro station for a few minutes and you won’t miss it.



TEL/WHATSAPP/WECHAT: +86 136 6021 7902