Our Services

Sourcing and Factory Investigation

Sourcing is the first step and maybe the most important step, because finding the right supplier is the key to everything.
Finding a supplier in China is easy, but finding a supplier you can trust is a whole different thing entirely. There are so many different suppliers here that finding a good one could be compared to finding a certain straw of hay in a haystack.
We are professional sourcing agency in Guangzhou China. Over the years we have built up connections with hundreds of reliable suppliers and manufacturers in China. We know what suppliers to trust and who to stay away from.

If you can’t come to China personally, we could always help you source online.


 Full Service Purchase

As purchasing agents, full service purchasing is our main service. We will help you with sourcing a supplier or manufacturer for the item you are looking for, we will help you negotiate the best price possible, we will stay in touch with the supplier/manufacturer and oversee the production process, we will perform quality controls, we will help you collect the goods and finally, we will help you arrange with shipping/consolidation. Basically, its everything you need in order to successfully purchase items in China.


 Guiding & Interpreting

Finding the markets and factories of Guangzhou as a foreigner is no easy task, but the real problem is not finding the markets but finding your way in the markets.
The markets of Guangzhou are HUGE and nothing like the markets you may be used to visiting in other countries. One market may stretch over a few city blocks and have thousands upon thousands of different suppliers.
We know every square inch of these markets and will be able to take you exactly where you want to go. All you have to do is tell us what product you are looking for and we will lead the way.

Speaking the language is a must if you wish to make business in China. If you get lucky, your supplier may know a few words of English, but that’s hardly enough to feel safe when making a business deal with someone you might have never met before. Also, suppliers will take advantage of you not knowing the language and try to confuse you into making a bad deal.
Everyone on our team are fluent in both Chinese and English and we will make sure that you know exactly what’s going on and that every detail of the deals you make a crystal clear to all parties involved. Unlike many other agents though, we are not only proficient in the official Chinese dialect mandarin but also the local dialect Cantonese which will make many local suppliers more friendly minded and perhaps offer an even better deal than they would have otherwise.

For Personal Travel, we could accompany too, driving you to the sights and airport, and also accompany during the travel. Very helpful especially for the new comers.

For Business Tour, we could arrange the transportation, accompany you on factory tours, and to business meetings, and also exhibitions.

 Inspection & Quality Control

Once you have placed your orders and gone back home, will you feel 100% safe and certain that you will actually get the exact products you ordered and that the quality will be up to par?
No worries, we will make sure that you get exactly what you ordered and nothing else. We will stay in contact with all suppliers, pay them visits during the manufacturing process and keep you updated on all the details. Once your products are ready, we will do a thorough quality control, opening all cartons and making sure that both quantity and quality is correct. Not until we are certain that everything is exactly what it is supposed to be, no more no less, will we close the deal and give the supplier the rest of his/her money.


 Warehousing and Shipping

When the quality control is finished and the deal has been closed, we will collect the goods from all your suppliers and store them in our warehouse until they ready to be shipped to the location of your choice.  If anything need to be repacked for better protection, and we will arrange too.

We have our own shipping service in Guangzhou and Hongkong by air, land and sea and will be able to offer you fast and safe transportation for a very reasonable price. If you however already have a preferred forwarder, we will contact your agent and be of as much help as we possibly can to make sure that the shipping process goes as smooth as possible. Our job is not completed until your goods have left the shores of China and begun their journey back home to you.