Frequently Asked Questions


1. What language is spoken in the markets and can I make business only speaking English?

China has one many different dialects and the official dialect known as “Chinese” is mandarin. The second largest dialect spoken in China is Cantonese which is what the native population of the Guangdong province (also known as Canton) speaks. Although pretty much everyone can speak mandarin, it can often be favorable to be able to converse with native traders born in Guangdong in Cantonese as they will consider you “one of their own” and might give you a slightly better price.

English is taught as a foreign language in schools in China but the quality of the English education is very poor. Most Chinese people can only speak a few words of English if even that. Its pretty safe to say that speaking only English will put you at a huge disadvantage when doing business here and is a sure way to get yourself ripped off. So it’s always good idea to take a local guide with you.

2. What’s the MOQ buying products from you?

It depends on the market rules, most wholesalers in Guangzhou, if they have stocks, they requires very small MOQ, usually just few pieces each item. If need to custom, it requires 100-300pcs/each. So totally depends.

3.  What about shipping? What shipping methods you using?

We arrange the shipping by your own choices,  we have express door to door service (like EMS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX.etc), and air cargo and sea cago(containers). We will quote based on your option.

4. The price is lower if buying from you rather than Alibaba intl?

It depends on what you are buying.  Many sellers on Aliababa intl probably not first hand stock(they might get stock from local wholesalers and sell on alibaba intl, so their price will be higher.  We are always helping you to get first hand wholesale stock. So you know.